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Author: L.Blais
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Author: These are assorted authors. * marks an external link.
Why Judeo-Christians Support War by C. E. Carlson Come and Hear * by Elizabeth Dilling
Greatest Sin of All by Bob Wallace The Thirteeth Tribe * by Arthur Koestler
The Protocols of Zion * by Bible Believers


The following are various studies, poems and inspirationals to help you in your meditations and prayer time. The EndTime study should be read from left to right, in that order, as chronology is important.


The End Time
Mathew 24 Daniel 7 The Week of Daniel Chronology of World Empires EndTime Daniel
The 2 Prophets The Anti-Christ Daniel 8 Revelation 13 Revelation Overlook
The Whore Woman in the Wilderness The Return EndTime Stats 1 EndTime Stats 2


Bamboo The Star Does Jesus Care ? Don't Quit Giving
God's Wife No Greater Love The Hole Hugs On The Judean Hill
The Master's Hand The Piano Player But You Said You Loved Me Someone Needs You


Bitterness - and what it can do to you
Bitterness 1 Bitterness 2 Bitterness 3 Bitterness 4 Bitterness 5 Bitterness 6 Bitterness 7


Angelic Interventions Bull's Jacket Heaven's Messenger Angels of Love He Pointed the Way United


The Apostle's Creed It's Free ! Jesus Said Basic Bible Last Breath Morning Dawns Name of Jesus
Matchless Pearl One Person Born Again The Rescue Teach Us to Pray Thoughts into Prayers


These are all .zip files of complete works. To read them you must first download them to your PC then open them. Clicking on the link will bring you directly to the download.

* Bible Plus interactive searchable for 32 bit systems (like Windows XP)

* Desktop Bible interactive searchable for 64 bit systems(like Windows 7)

* KJV Interactive similar to Bible Plus but for 64 bit systems

* KJV Bible an HTML Bible suitable for all systems

* The Passion of Christ by Anne Catherine Emmerich that inspired Mel Gibson's movie - start page is passionmenu

* 1984 by George Orwell (Ian Blair) on the evils of totaliarianism- start page is orwell.html

* Audio Bible On Line Text and audio.

* ListenToTheKingJamesBible Audio only by Alexander Scourby.


Every day a new and inspiring quote will appear. These are all taken from the Authorised King James Bible, and will encourage and guide your daily thoughts. Read them, share them, memorize them, cut and paste them into your emails or even use them as a signature to your emails.


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