What one person can do

You can make a special effort to reach lonely, hungry, needy hearts who are seeking love, seeking truth, seeking they know not what, but seeking happiness - desperately seeking to satisfy their yearning hearts that are so empty for lack of love and attention.

You can start individually, personally, just you or your little family, planting seeds of love, one by one, in heart by heart, day by day, by doing loving deeds for others and by telling them about the greatest of all loves - God's love in Jesus.

Patiently plant the seeds of the truth of God's Word into that empty hole of an empty heart, then cover it with God's love, and trust the great, warm, loving sunshine of His Spirit and the water of His Word to bring forth the miracle of new life.

It may seem only a tiny little bud at first, just a little sprig, just one insignificant little green shoot. What is that to the forest that's needed ? Well, it's a beginning. It's the beginning of the miracle of new life, and it will thrive and grow and flourish and become great and strong, a whole new "tree", a whole new life, and maybe a whole new world !

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