The Chronology of World Empires
( lesson four )


Please be sure that you are familiar with lessons one through three before starting on lesson four. These are chronological for a reason.

Leading into this next lesson we will now take the time to look at history a bit. The history books show us that there have been world empires in the past. This began with Egypt and the time of the pharaohs, which is also the time period that the children of Israel were in bondage and from which they were delivered, event immortalized in the pages of the Bible and the movie "The Ten Commandments".

The next world empire to come on the scene was Assyria, and it was this world empire that was in place during the time of the prophet Jeremiah, who's predictions warranted him the ire and hatred of the system of the day, suffering many things and humiliation at their hands.

After Assyria we see the next world empire, Babylon appear on the world stage. It's king Nebuchadnezzar's experiences with the prophet Daniel is well documented in the book of Daniel in the Bible. It is during the reign of the Babylonian empire that the prophet Daniel received many visions and predictions that shape the way we look at Bible prophecy in these studies. Many of Daniels's prophecies deal with esentially the same events, only described in differing manners. This we will examine in a later lesson.

The following world empire, still with the prophet Daniel in the picture, was Medo/Persia, a coalition government. It in turn was succeeded by the world empire that was Greece under Alexander the Great. Alexander's empire was all encompassing even if short-lived.

The next, and to-date last, world empire to see the light was that of the Roman Empire under which Christ was born and the disciples lived and worked preaching the Gospel and teaching all the world of the truth in Christ.

Never since the disintergration of the Roman Empire, first into East Rome and West Rome, and then just generally falling apart without ever having been conquered or vanquished, has there been a complete world empire. Never, that is, until the next one, that will be headed by a "king of fierce countenance" as the Bible calls him ( Daniel 8:23 ), the Anti-Christ !

The last and final world empire will be that of Jesus Christ Himself, who will return after the Anti-Christ's allotted time is up. Here He will set up His own Millenial reign on earth that will last one thousand years, after which will be The Great White Throne jugement giving way to eternity.

The Chronology of World History

1st world power = EGYPT (in power to 1491 BC)

2nd world power=ASSYRIA (1491 - 606 BC)

3rd world power=BABYLON (606 - 538 BC)

4th world power=Medo/Persia  (538 - 333 BC)

5th world power=GREECE (333 - 44 BC)

6th world power=ROME (44 BC - 476 AD)

Two more world empires to come :

7th world power=Reign of the Anti-Christ  ( 7 years )

Final Power=The Return and Millennial reign of Christ.


***That concludes lesson four, and although not directly on "The EndTime" it does lay the foundation for it. Stay tuned for lesson five.***

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