But You Said You Loved Me

I opened your letter and there it was
All smiles and bright and inviting

The comfort of words so exciting

You said you loved me and wanted to help


Years of battles would soon come to an end
Or so I thought hearing words from your pen

Only to find that your words were untrue

Which only caused hurt rather than to mend


For love, it seems, should transend
All borders, of body and mind

To bring to those who seek a find

Of peace of heart and goodwill to mankind


For Who was it that said to me
Don't worry, my son, love is kind

Longsuffering, He said, and forgiving

Not selfish or hurtful or blind


You said that you loved me
And you were ready to help

I though you'd help free me

From the anguish of years, or so I felt


As an orphan I came to your door
All battered, bloodied and torn

Looking for comfort, pleading for hope

Please sir, a piece of bread, help me cope


Your eyes looked down into my face
You saw the hurt, the scars, the disgrace

And the door you closed so slowly so gently

But I thought you said you loved me ?

"Little children, let us not love in word but in deed and in truth." (1Jn 3:18)


copyright © 2001-2012 Veritas MC