The Star

The day of the Christmas presentation finally arrived. My young daughter, Jana, was so excited about her part that I thought she was to be one of the main characters, though she had not told me what she was to do. The parents were all there and one by one the children took their places. I could see the shepherds fidgeting in the corner of the stage meant to representthe fields for the sheep. Mary and Joseph stood solemnly behind the manger. In the back three young wisemen waited impatiently. But still Jana sat quietly and confidently.

Then the teacher began: "A long time ago, Mary and Joseph had a baby and they named Him Jesus," she said. "And when Jesus was born, a bright star appeared over the stable."

At that cue, Jana got up from her chair, picked up a large tin-foil star, walked behind Mary and Joseph and held the star up high for everyone to see.

When the teacher told about the shepherds coming to see the baby, the three young shepherds came forward and Jana jiggled the star up and down excitedly to show them where to come. When the wise men responded to their cue, she went forward a little to meet them and to lead the way, her face as alight as the real star might have been.

The playlet ended. We had refreshments.On the way home Jana said, with great satisfaction,"I had the main part!"
"You did?" I questioned, wondering why she thought that.
"Yes," she said, "'cause I showed evrybody how to find Jesus!"

How true ! To show others how to find Jesus, to be the light for their paths, that is the finest role we can play in life.

"And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever."(Daniel 12:3)


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