The Reverend Dr. Denis Ball, who has a Christian teaching ministry, had an angel experience 39 years ago. Soon after his marriage, Denis and his wife Florence Mary were unable to find accomodation together, because of financial hardship. Denis was able to afford lodgings near his work in London, but only for a small room just large enough to fit a single bed, so Florence Mary had to go back to stay with her mother.

Denis was unhappy with this arrangement, so one evening after the rest of the household had gone to bed he decided to spend some time on his knees before God, seeking a solution. Denis describes the scene: "I knelt in the center of the room, resting my elbows on a wooden chair. The bare light above me gave the room a clinical look and I closed my eyes to shut it out. I felt very alone and wondered why my wife and I had to go through this time of confusion.

"What are you doing with us Lord?" I cried. The words had no sooner left my mouth when I became concious of being surrounded. If someone were to relate to me this incident that I am describing, I would ask a multitude of questions. As a matter of fact, I did ask many that night. Who are these magnificent beings ? Are the real or imaginary ? Why have they come - to me ?"

Denis continues, "As I silently sought for answers, it dawned on me that I was not at all afraid - astonished, intrigued, but not afraid. My eyes were still closed; I had not thought of opening them. But now I took a deep breath and slowly opened my eyes. They were there - angels ! I could actually see them. There must have been ten or twelve of them all around me in a regular circle. The room had grown in size, for their circle was reasonably large, but they were in no way confined. In height they were nearly seven feet, and each stood in an attitude of utmost confidence and rest, hands clasped at the front and faces looking down on me kneeling there.

They were such beautiful and dignified beings, and the only way I can describe their faces is to say that they glowed with a golden sheen which radiated the wisdom and the knowledge of the ages. They were timeless. As I gazed into their eyes, I had a distinct feeling that I was looking into another world. I cannot even adequately describe their robes, for they were much more than coverings for the body; rather, they seemed to be expressions of their character, vibrating with life and purpose. Indeed, the whole company of them gathered there that night transformed the kitchen into a powerhouse.

I seemed to absorb the peace of these wonderful beings; I was protected. Then, quite suddenly, I found myself outside the circle as an observer. I could see myself still kneeling with my arms resting on the chair, while the angels stood guard around me. I remembered that 'angels are sent to serve those who will inherit salvation'(Heb 1:14)

As I continued to watch, another change took place. An almost impenetrable darkness was seen to cover the angels, but this darkness could not draw nearer, nor could it penetrate an invisible dome-shaped canopy suspended over them. Darkness had met with light, but darkness could not overcome it (Jn1:5) . At this stage I could see nothing of what the darkness held, but I could feel it in my spirit as a dark, hideous deception that sought to devastate me and to divert me from the course approved by God.

Gradually I perceived their grotesque forms and I noticed that some were darkly beautiful: They were more devious in their attack. But I took courage, and hope rose within me, as I noticed that at no time were the angels distracted from their task of watching over me.

Not a tremor shook them as these powers of darkness sought access to my kneeling form through the circle of protection. Florence Mary and I were safe; no matter what trials and tribulations would come our way, such as finding a place to live or making ends meet, we could be assured that if we walked God's perfect way in His strength, no powers of darkness could touch us."

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