Lesson (vol.4)



Very few subjects get the blood to boil like the raging controversy about abortion ! One thing for sure though, there are no neutrals when it comes to this topic. The arguments can only take one stand or another, it is a black and white subject with each having their respective camps . It is not hard to bring to mind the position taken by the vast majority of Christians around the world regarless of denominational affiliation. They are against it. That's that ! The other camp, as there are only two, will bring up arguments about all the "what if's" in the world. "What if" the girl is raped ? "What if" she is too young and it will "ruin" her life ? "What if" the prospective mother "isn't ready" ? "What if" the mother's life is in danger by giving birth ? "What if" the mother can't provide a good life for the baby ? "What if"........

There are as many "What if" 's as there are people who support the practice of abortion. Many in the medical field have embraced it. The United States government has enthusiastically supported it. Most courts in most Western countries have been persuaded to support it to varying degrees.

In the EndTime prophecy that Jesus gave in the 24th chapter of Mathew He said, "And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold."(Mt 24:12) The Chinese consider birth as being at the moment of conception as do many others. Although being impartial is impossible, let us look at some of the "What if" 's...

What if the girl/woman was raped? Is that the baby's fault? Then why give it the death penalty for what someone else did? Is the need for vengeance so great that any blood will do?

What if she is too young and it will "ruin" her life? First, she is obviously not too young, as she is pregnant. Only in western societies is a female treated like an incapable infant until well into her child bearing years! How can a tiny baby "ruin" someone's life? The only thing that will take place is that it will modify that person's expectations for the future. How cold does someone have to be to kill off a baby just because it will cramp their style?

What if she "isn't ready" ? Should've thought of that before ! There is a biological mechanism put into play by the Creator and when certains factors are brought together procreation results.

What if her life is in danger by the birth? Most naturalists and naturopaths will tell you that a woman should prepare herself at least two years before conceiving and giving birth. The end result of years of neglect now culminates in the death of an innocent adding insult to injury. A totally avoidable situation !

What if the mother can't provide a good life for the baby ? And that's a reason to kill it ? There are thousands of couples in this world who would love and care for that child and who do have the means and withall to provide a "good" home. Let's encourage governments to help the adoption process instead of the quick fix abortion process.

It has become very very easy in many many places to "get" an abortion. Doctors "perform" abortions all the time. It is certainly become nothing more than another means of birth-control, especially in the USA where the advocates are the most vociferous, claiming that women will be "forced" (by whom????????) to return to "back alley" methods...

They should put their lives at risk trying to kill off an innocent baby ! Is there a real mother out there who would not fight to the death to protect her infant from vicious and violent attack from a stranger ? Most laws of most countries will not prosecute a person for "legitimate" self-defence in taking another's life when the only alternative is the likely serious or terminal bodily harm that would follow otherwise. Not so with abortion.

Does that justify the counter-violent attack on "clinics" and "hospitals" who allow this to happen on their premises? NO,NO and NO ! The answer to violence is not more violence; especially when the attack is government sponsored or supported. The Bible says, "Vengeance is Mine, I will repay, saith the Lord."(Ro 12:19)

It has now become a tradition to run off to the "abortion clinic" to "get rid of it" ! Thus fulfilling Jesus' words when He said,"Making the word of God of none effect through your tradition, which ye have delivered: and many such like things do ye."(Mk 7:13) Are we living in a God-loving, God-fearing, child-caring society ? There may be allot of problems with Christians and many divisions amongst the world's monotheistic religions, but a common belief is one of love and respect for God and His laws.

Is abortion infanticide (child murder) ? Let's seperate God from schools and social values so that our upcoming generations haven't a clue on how to answer that question. What if....that weren't the case ?

May God bless you with His Love, Peace and Truth.


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