True & Scriptural Flat Earth Design

"When he prepared the heavens, I was there: when he set a compass upon the face of the depth:"- Prov 8:27
What are the Biblical requisites that make up our earth's design ?
1- immovable (Ps 93:1,Ps 96:10,Isa 45:18,1Chr 16:30)
2- Firmament/dome (Ps 19:1-6.Isa 40:22,)
3- Waters above and waters below (Gen1:6,Ps 148:4)
4- foundations (2Sam 22:16,Ps 18:15,Ps 102:25,Ps 104:5,Isa 24:18,Job 38:4-6)
5- pillars (Job 9:6,1Sam 2:8)
6- 4 corners (Rev 7:1)
7- footstool (Lam 2:1,Isa 66:1,Acts 7:49)
8- sheol/place of the dead (2Sam 22:6,Ps 31:17,)
9- crystal sea (Rev 4:6,)
10- that it not make the devil a creator (Jn 8:44,)

All of these characteristics must be present in order for the design to be complete. The Bible doesn't say anything about "flat" as that is self evident from the empirical scientific method evidence that our eyes and senses have observed.
Without the Bible we have an inverted Frisbee, but with it what design do we end up with that meets all of the criteria leaving nothing out and adding nothing to embellish?

When all 10 points are combined a very specific shape emerges. Ok, here we go. It is a ball, a crystal ball to be more precise. Bear with me as it is a little long; the flat immovable earth is domed. the Antarctic ice wall is at the base attached to the foundations and acts like a gasket. The flat earth is on foundations and those are supported by pillars.Everything below the Antarctic is under water. Sheol is found in the middle of the foundations. The pillars sit on the bottom of the INSIDE of the crystal ball elevating the foundation so the FE is above the water level. The crystal sea is the outer shell of the ball and the waters above and below are the great gulf fixed between. There are 4 pillars, each set at the points of a clock or compass (12,3,6,9, or N,W,S.E) which gives you 4 corners (draw a line between them and it is a square) When you move the pillars UNDER the circle of the flat earth not only does it give you 4 corners but it also has the appearance of a footstool. The reason it is a ball and not anything else ? The globe earth lie. The devil is not a creator. He took the design from God's Creation and counterfeited it.He is a liar after all.


Now we have fulfilled the requirements of Scripture as to what Creation's design is. All the elements are there. We will not revisit and rehash it again. Don't agree, come up with a better alternative that is fully backed by the Bible.

Here I am going to wander a bit into the speculative utilizing a Biblical foundation. Genesis tells us "In the beginning". That isn't metamorphic, it is literal. And Revelation speaks of " THAT THERE SHOULD BE TIME NO LONGER" Rev 10:6

That gives us an encapsulation of time itself. Time has been, according to the Bible, started at Creation and will end at the time appointed in Revelation. What does that say to us? It clearly states that time only applies to us, in the context of Creation and the end.

Time is comprised of three factors, never mind what that idiot Einstein said; there is The Past, The present and The Future. The Bible says that "Time" is encapsulated (in a capsule) in Creation.That enables us to look at that to see if there is not something that we can understand to help us in our faith and Godly understanding of what God has done.

Do we really have all three factors at play in our daily lives ? Let's look at it. We have The past, that is self evident. We have The Future, also self evident. The Present ? not so much. What ? Yup.

The Present is not something we have in our daily lives. We have The Past, we have the Future, but we do not have The present. As soon as something IS, it is instantaneously relegated to The Past without stopping in The Present. We go seamlessly from Past to Future without stopping at The Present. Ok, so what of it ? We have seen how Past and Future are locked in with us at Creation, but what we have not addressed is The Present.

When you remove The Past and The Future you are left with The Present. Some will venture to call it "eternity". The "eternal now" is not an obscure term; even the Freemasons used it in Albert Pike's Morals and Dogma. The devil knows exactly what is what, so that leaves us with the need to also understand it.

The Present is none other than Eternity where The Past and The Future no longer exist. It is where God lives. The rest of it (past and future) is where we are.Time has been encapsulated with us (the past and future). Eternity (the Present) is where time is no more. It really isn't that complicated.

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