Flat Earth - in your face

What we are bringing you with this page is a collection of instances when the flat earth is clearly in-your-face. You remember the curvature chart right ? These screen grabs from popular TV programs shows a perfectly flat horizon without so much as a hint of a curve over many miles of panorama.

Hawaii 5-0

Hawaii 5-O (2)

Hawaii 5-O (3)

Hawaii 5-O (4)

Hawaii 5-O (5)

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

Private Eyes

Private Eyes 2

Game of Thrones

The Blacklist

The Blacklist 2

The Blacklist 3

The Blacklist 4

Blue Bloods

Blue Bloods 2

Bull (2016)

Criminal Minds Beyond Borders

Criminal Minds

Hand of God

Hand of God 2


Time After Time



Inhumans 2

The Flash

The Flash 2

N.C.I.S. Los Angeles

N.C.I.S. Los Angeles 2

N.C.I.S. Los Angeles 3

N.C.I.S. New Orleans

N.C.I.S. New Orleans 2

N.C.I.S. New Orleans 3

Lethal Weapon

Lethal Weapon 2

Lethal Weapon 3

Designated Survivor

Designated Survivor 2

Designated Survivor 3


Ten Days in the Valley

Ten Days in the Valley 2

As was stated on the main page; the truth is being intentionally kept from you. These in-your-face examples are pure mockery as those who are perpetrating the lie are completely comfortable that they have done a sufficiently thorough enough job of fooling you that even though they stick your nose in it you will still not see it. Your conditioning will block your brain from accepting what your own eyes are telling you.

Do the math. Pythagorean mathematics, the kind used in everyday calculations, states that on a sphere measuring 25K miles in circumference there should be a measurable curvature drop in all directions from the observer of 8" to the mile squared. Any high school kid can figure this out. For the first mile there should be a curvature drop of 8". After that the mile number is multiplied by itself and then multiplied by the base amount of 8" . 2miles = 2x2=4,x8"=32". 3 miles = 3x3=9,x8"=72" (6 feet). If you cannot, in looking at the above screen captures, measure a curvature drop of 6 feet in 3 miles of distance, regardless of the direction from your view point, then that can only mean one thing according to modern mathematics; you are not on a sphere with a circumference of 25K miles, and therefore you have been lied to all your life about the shape of the earth you live on. Flat Earth is not a thought, a belief or a theory. Flat Earth is a fact.

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