Up Against the Wall



Up Against the Wall

The rediscovery of flat earth really isn't that old. As recent as 1922 books were still being published about it. And this is in spite of everything Rome and the Jesuits did to try to destroy it. Then it all disappeared, like magic, for not quite 100 years, until 2014 when the subject came exploding back into view, but this time it was with a twist on it.

The original turn of the century and prior writers; Rowbothan (1865), Carpenter (1885), Gleason (1893),Winship (1899), Schoepffer (1900), Wardlaw (1901), Lady Blount (1904), Hickson (1922), were Christians and looked to the Bible's cosmology to secure their position.

The 2014 version worked hard at eliminating the Bible as a flat earth proof source, cherry picking the information from all of the above mentioned authors for the empirical scientific method evidence while leaving off the existance of "A" Creator in favour of a Kabbalistic "god", one that puts man at the center of the diety as an expression of a ecumenist god.

Either intentionally or unwittingly the new version is a gatekeeper; a thus far no further stance. Relying explicitly on "empirical evidence" is a mind game to dupe truth seekers into discarding the Bible, and by extension "The" Creator in favour of a only-what-I-can-prove theorem.

Having discarded Jesus Christ as a "myth" the path is cleared for Rome's agenda of a one world religions pantheism, flat earth or no. Discarding or disavowing the direct importnace of the Bible in researching flat earth is denying access to some of the more blatant evidence available concerning our cosmology, the shape of the earth, and the completed vision of who we are and where we are in the Grand Plan. The writers of old had no problem whatsoever with the version of flat earth as presented by the Bible, and actually used it as a foundation for their cosmological approach. Why has that been challenged in the 2014 look into it)version? The answer to that is rather simple; The Zohar/Kabbala (man is god), Gnosticism (twisting Sccripture) and eastern mysticism (all out there but no one can find it) and then blend into that the Ignacius Loyola (Jesuit) visualization techniques and you have a new form of spiritism that does away with Jesus Christ, gives you a god, and keeps you locked into a world view of only what you can see and experiment yourself. It is really quite ingenious and subtle, quite demonic in it's deceptive power.

When all is said and done, it really does boil down to whether or not you accept the Bible as the inerrant literal Word of God or not. Many options are being offered, and any one has it's points of validity, but will you hold onto the Word of God over and above any other temptational, doctrinal, hypothetical,Gnostic, Kabbalistic, occultist presentation being offered?

"And he that overcometh, and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations: "- Rev 2:26


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