A Salvation issue



"It's not a Salvation issue"!

Give me a break ! When I hear this drivel coming from those who self describe as "Christian" I want to puke. It is such a cop out.

Since when did not believing the Word become optional ? These half baked cakes want to divorce flat earth from The Word, not because it isn't there but because they are ashamed of it, and would love nothing more than to put it on some obscure back burner, while pursuing a self righteous holier-than-thou narrative that appeals to their comfort zone.

It is simple, Jesus Christ IS the Word (John 1) and it is The Word that Created out world and it's cosmology (see Genesis 1). You cannot separate the two, for one IS the other. The only people who do not seem to understand this are those who self describe as "Christian". Atheists who come to Christ because of the flat earth reality do not have any such problem.It is a phenomena that is specific to those who self indentify as Christian who have the problem. This group is the one that is trying more than any other to snuff out the candle of truth by attempting to put a briddle on the horse and slow it down, and th ereason is simple; they do not have a personal relationship with the Creator, but worship Him in word only and not in spirit or truth. They are the virgins without oil (see Matthew 25), and would snuff out the light of God' s candle.

These are the worse kind of 5th columnists, as they operate from within to undermine the truth and lead as many astray as they can. False brethren crept in unawares (Gal 2:4) that would pervert the word of truth. “Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.” - 2Tim 3:5 They are the most devious of wolves in sheep's clothing as they appear to be of faith but work to undermine it whenever the opportunity arrises.

“Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.” - Mt 7:21 And what IS the will of the Father ? To believe on His Son, The Word. Beware of these phonies; they can comne in many forms. One day they are well meaning brethren, the next they are some decieved pastor or one that is first and foremost a Luciferian whose intent is to draw away from the truth.

They are the church of the Laodiceans (Rev 3:14), being neither hot nor cold, but repugnantly lukewarm and worthy of being vomited into the gutter.

Let us identify the source of this pusilanimous display of half heartedness. When it comes to the watering down of God's Word there is only one source that has become professional at it, and that is the Jesuits. They are behind the vast majority of modern translations that seek to diminish or remove the divinity of Jesus Christ in order to promote their pantheistic ecumenism and this sort of 5th column insider rot is right up their alley. These doctrines that attempt to separate the flat earth reality from the Bible's Salvation message has Jesuit deception written all over it. This is their M.O.; to weaken, divide, segregate and nullify the Bible's truth, and they will use any useful idiots too asleep to notice to do their biding.

Recognize them for what they are, enemies within.


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