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At the very beginning of the whole globe earth thing a guy called Eratosthenes first tried to get the theory of heliocentrism to float. It didn't.

Then some time later a guy called Copernicus re-introduced the theory of heliocentrism, and did not really want his "work" to be published until after his death, bu the Jesuit Vatican was in the middle of a problem with a guy called Martin Luther and needed a major distraction and so pushed the Copernican model and came up with the Gregorian calendar around the same time. It is important to understand that one of the reasons Rome pushed it was due to the history of the Knights Templar, Rome's military order, who picked up a bunch of no so Biblical beliefs in Kabbalah, Eastern Gnostic Mysticism, and magik along their journeys to the point of being excommunicated for devil worship and the occult. The descendants of the Templars are another military order attached to Rome and that is The Jesuit Order.

Having already been infiltrated by the occultist influence of Gnosticism the Jesuits were only too happy to put the sun in the middle of everything, being somewhat sun worshipers anyway. So, the theory of heliocentrism got traction. This opened the door for endless space and the possibility of alien life, and that gave birth to Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, but for it all to get a firm hold a guy named Newton showed up with yet another theory, the theory of gravity. Newton spent pages upon pages of convoluted equations to try to prove his theory, but fell flat. Not wanting to let a dead horse lie, yet another guy was brought into the picture, a theoretical physicist by the name of Albert Einstein and his job was to come up with a mathematical way of proving what Newton, Copernicus and company has already committed to, so a complicated, far reaching supplementary theory was required and Einstein came up with just the thing, the theory of relativity.

So in the end game of the last 500 years what we ended up with was a theory that required another theory that gave birth to a theory that was supported by yet another theory to be conclusively "proven" by a theory, and at no stage along the way has any concrete proof ever been offered, not so much as an iota of hard scientific method empirical evidence to support any of these cockamamie theories.

There is no globe earth. There is no gravity. There is no evolution.There are no extraterrestrial aliens. What there is is a level plane earth that is immovable and stationary, and that hard empirical scientific method evidence proves beyond the shadow of doubt.


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