The Essence of Flat Earth



The Essence of Flat Earth

What does the flat earth reality mean? First and foremost it demonstrates that there are a large number of people that are willing to give fresh concepts a consideration, and in that the scientists have it correctly, the education system has failed.

Not only has controlled education failed miserably with thousands of people world wide but it has had more success with many many more. Any system can be expected to have weak points, and the education system is no different. The difference here and in this case is due to the self assured arrogance of those who control the educational curriculums that are commisioned to do the indoctrinating. They have become too cock sure of themselves, a thing that must have Ignatius Loyola turning in his grave, no doubt.

Flat earth is not a "new" concept, nor is it a 20th or 21st century concept. The reality of a flat earth is getting people back to the way things have always been since Creation. We are now getting back in tune with a real world view, a true cosmology, a bonafide way to live, with eyes wide open and ears ready to hear what Truth has to offer.

Flat Earth has given new life to people all over the world, and has at the same time reenvigurated Bible believing Christians everywhere, bringing a renewed vitality to their faith, realizing that the Bible that has been cherished for so long has been a harbinger of this truth all along. The timing could not have been better.

The powers that be, as we have been made aware of, are for the most part steeped in the occult, a spiritual discipline that quite literally has them sell their souls to dark forces in exchange for riches, power and glory.They now stand exposed for having been the liars they are by a rag tag group of nobodies with nothing but the deep desire for truth as their motivator.Even the slightest amount of darkness must flee in the face of light, and so imagine the levels of darkness being dissipated by the amount of light this awakening has shone.

To paraphrase a Biblical truth; when the light shines in darkness, the later does not understand it, nor can it. When the mind is numb the eyes and ears are working at only half power.

I once was blind, but now I see.


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