I'll be domed !

When appoaching a project that requires a roof it behooves the builder to look at the best options available in order to get the strongest, most reliable and structurally sound design. to do any less courts failure.

After looking into a variey of designs, the most appealing is the geodesic shape when seeking one that provides structural firmness, protection and strength. This design has been used in many places, not the least of which is in a climate where protection and structural soundness is a matter life and death. I am speaking of the igloo. The igloo, constructed from blocks of hardpack snow and ice, gives shelter and even warmth in climactic environments that border on the extreme, and yet it has been in use for centuries quite successfully.

Stepping off the frozen ice flows and snow blizzards we run into this design in the more docile environments of families out for a weekend camping trip, or just a casual stint in the backwoods. The domed tent has become the norm rather than the exception. It has a proven track record of reliability and strength to weather out many a rainy night where winds threaten to make the experience a hazzardous one.

Man does not invent anything, he discovers. And this is prevalent in the sports world, where the design of choice is the geodesic shape when it comes to building stadiums that are to atrract thousands of onlookers and loyal participants to a variety of events. It is by far the most common design used due primarily to it's simplicity and strength. It has no sharp edges for strong winds to catch and cause mayhem. In extreme wind situations, like that in hurricanes, the constructons that suffer most are those that offer up right angles daring the wind to do it's worst; and often it does with catastrophic results. The buildings that do best are those that allow the wind to glance off and continue unabated and unhindered.

Rare is the modern infrastructure construction that does not utilize the geodesic design for strength and simplicity. Take your average mountain tunnel, or the famous Eurotunnel as prime examples. As a sidebar, the Eurotunnel was started at both ends at once and met in the middle, without ever taking into account the earth's non existant curvature. And what was the design ? Geodesic. It is strong, will withold great weight without collapsing and lasts. It is brilliant engineering, making use of natural laws that work in unison to give a desired result.

Almost all aqueduc designs that are underground are geodesic; except for the very rare ones that date back hundreds of years, and these have been declared unsafe due to the instability of the originating design.

All that to say that when things are done according to the way God ordained they work, and they work well.Well, that is a turn of events! God has put into motion and into practice designs that are sturdy, long suffering (stable), long lasting and reliable, and if man, who is only a discoverer, applies these "laws" he will get results that are stable and reliable, as we have seen in the above examples.

But it goes to much more than that. These are not hypothetical and unproven theoretical nuances but are tried and proven-to-be-true design facts, and God is the original designer of this universal construct. He started out using the geodesic design in Creation; in fact He did it twice, once in the design of the domed firmament and again when closing the Creation into yet another geodesic design.The completion of the geodesic shape is a ball.

In Creation God has given us the perfect design to withstand millenia of tests and structural challenges. He made the earth a level flat plane and covered it with a geodesic shape that had to be strong enough to withstand millions of gallons of water (estimate) pressing down upon it, and even had the foresight to let us know all about it through instructional dictates to those chosen to receive it. Of course, this is in reference to the Tabernacle in the wilderness described in Exodus 26 of the Bible. This design, that God gave to His children, was extraordinarily specific in nature; it gave every piece of the construction with explicit instructions to add nothing to it and subtract anything from it. To make a long story short; man did what he always does, and leaned to his own understanding when depicting this design many years after the original instruction was given and ended up with a false representation. Then along came a guy by the name of Andy Hoy, a Christian structural engineer, who received the inspiration, in the time of the awakening, to revisit the account of Exodus 26 and to take it literally, setting aside the predetermined version of the "scholars", and lo and behold what he came up with, after careful study of the materials to be used, was a geodesic dome design, a replica in miniature of the grander design of Creation itself.

It is worthy to note that the design of the Tabernacle in the wilderness is almost perfectly reflected in the igloo of nordic peoples, right down to the hole in the top upermost center that acts as a vent.

The design works and is a constant reminder of God's creation for those who will only listen. The heavens truly DO delclare the glory of God and the firmament really DOES show His handiwork (Ps 19:1) and day unto day speaks to us and night unto night shows the knowledge of God. There is no place on earth where their voice cannot be heard, for those willing to hear it.

Give your heart to Jesus Christ, what are you waiting for ? Proof ? Look at the night sky, look at the things that have been copied from His instructions that work better than anything else. Look into the fabric of Creation and see the presence of God Almighty in every aspect of it. Stop believing the lies you have been told all of your life. Break free of the mind numbing opression that keeps you enslaved to this decrepit world. Enbrace the love of God, for God's sake and your own. GBAKY


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