Depth of Perception



Depth of perception

For those who have ecxperienced the flat earth reality depth of perception is a truth than cannot be denied. The empirical scientific method evidence is overwhelming in this regard.

Whether it is the disappearance of ships over the horizon brought back with zoom capabilities on high tech optics or the fact that the horizon ALWAYS rises to eye level regardless of height achieved, the flat earth is an undisputed fact.

The limited scope of the human eye, in it's physial limitations, is something that we are now only coming into full knowledge of, due to the fact that this has been kept hidden from us by a dishonest and conspirational system hell bent on propagating an agenda, but coming into knowledge we are thanks to the many who have dedicated themselves to the exploration of truth and discovery of the lies that have been perpetrated by the devious and the occult. Thank you to all who have decicated time and great effort to exposing the deceptions in order that truth may prevail.

But, perception is not limited only to the physical, as it also has a spiritual element. When it comes to the flat earth perception takes on a new description. What is it that we perceive? Is it only that the earth is a level flat plane, provable by empirical scientific method evidence, or does it have another significance? Could it be that what we now have as fact before our eyes is confirmation that waht the Biblehasd been sayiong all along is the exact unabashed unalienable truth? We have been offered tangible, physical evidence that the Biblical account is fact. What we have long accepted as fact by faith is now shown to be fact in physical reality.

What we perceive with our physical eyes is only a fraction of what can be seen by our spiritual eyes. And with the guidance of God's Word our perception drives into whatever rabbit hole truth leads us into. We need not fear the truth, for it is the Holy Spirit of God that leads us into all truth as long as we stay faithful to seek Him and not move without His guidance, patience being the key to opening the treasure.

How deep does perception go? How open is your channel to God's truth?


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