The Days of Noah



The days of Noah

Why did we get a flood that covered the earth? Bible says "wickedness" (Gen 6:5). But there is yet another aspect to this, corruption (Gen6:12). Man has become corrupted by the seed of the fallen angels that had come into the daughters of men and conceived giants. To get a greater appreciation of what this means a visit into the book of Enoch is needed. According to this recounting, the producing giants wasn't such a big deal, but the knowledge that was imparted IS a big deal. Thery imparted things that were not supposed to be divulged, and so man was polluted with a rebelious seed and forbiden knowledge. Noah was the exception to the rule. It was not so much that Noah was such a perfect guy, but rather that this blood line had not been polluted.Why is that imp[ortant? Noah's blood line would eventually lead to the seed of David and Christ, a detail most translations of the Bible conveniently leave out, except for those that have retained the book of Enoch.

The wickedness spoken of in the Bible can be traced to occult practices and the carrying on in parties and indulgeances in the flesh. In the daus of Noah, prior to the flood, was the golden age of the occult spured on by the seed of the Nephalim.

It is this time of the golden age of the occult that Luciferians wish to get us back to. A sort of "reset" if you wish. The tenets of Freemasonry, in it's uppeer echelon, openly admit this, with their Gnostic twist to make it look appealing and palatable, Lucifer having got a bum rap and all.

This push towards universal unity, as was practiced prior to the flood, is a pipe dream conjured up by those dedicated to the return of satanic rule. There is no such thing as universal unity. There must be a dichotomy, a ying yang, a good and bad, a positive and a negative, the wheat and the chaff. Yet, it is a pantheistic ecumenism that Rome has in it's agenda for mankind. The ultimate in the return of a universal occult agenda that was prevalent prior to the flood.

This brings us to the whole transhumanism question. The goal of this project is to "enhance" humans, to nake us superior to the way God made us, to suplant God's authority and divinity. "we shall be as gods" seems to be the rally cry. The implantation of "chips" are made to appear benign and even helpful. You can access (fill in the blanks), and life will be so much better, but of course this will be a lie. The goal of these implants is to alter the very DNA strands that will alter a person' perceptions and ability to conform to the given agenda,thereby once again polluting man.

This all stems from a perception that Lucifer was given a raw deal by an unjust God, a completely Gnostic twist demonstrating the spiritual disease that lies underneath. The goal is a polluted DNA attched to Luciferianism, a typography of the mark of the beast.

There is no doubt that there is a great war of the spirit afoot, but what is not evident is that the participants (you and me) are in a position where it is necessary to make a free will decision to decide our eternal future.

The New World Order is not about politics, that is the facade. The true "order" is all about directing the soul & THAT is the war.

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. "- Eph 6:12


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