Chasing the Tale



Chasing the tale

It really is a case of the dog waging the tale. What we, in the FE community have been subjected to, is a diabolicaly contrived plot to mainstream flat earth to once again control the outcome of a pre determined agenda (thesis-antithesis-synthesis).

The enemy of the Bible is Rome . It has been so since forever (see the reformation and inquisition). And what does the Bible say about a flat earth ? It supports it from cover to cover. (

So knowing that sooner or later Christians would wake up, reading Scripture, to the fact that the Bible is a flat earth book, something had to be done to thwart any runaway Scriptural truth from getting out, and so an idea was born; lay the egg of truth and then use Gnostic Kabbalistic teachings to control it. This is a well established pattern of behaviour with the Jesuits.

Rome is all for a pantheistic world religion. They as good as have said so, as long as they are at the head of the hydra. Of late there have been a few mainstream media coverages of flat earth and I would point out the language being used: "believe", "new converts", "evangelising". Unbelievable! They are setting it up as a fringe religion no different that the multitudes of others fringe groups that are "out there". Is this in Rome's interest ? Absolutely! However there is onething blatantly and obviously missing from the equation: Jesus Christ. Rome hates Jesus Christ, even more than the Pharisees of old did.

What if ? What if the Jesuits, being the Luciferians they are, and with the resources they have, decided that it was best to create a dichotomy, a controversy, so as to be able to better direct it away from God? Do the Jesuits have a history of doing that ? Yes they do.

So who would they use to do this? Certainly not someone from within the "Christian" community for they mioght actually wake up and see what they were up to and rebel (like Martin Luther did). no, they would use someone who fit their agenda of telling the truth, yet in a Gnostic/Kabbalistic twist effectively do away with any notion of a singular God, leading to a singular Saviour (Jesus Christ) but keeping the appearance of divinity in an universal pantheistic god that is all welcoming, all accepting, all self oriented. The agenda of Rome is protected.

To claim that Jesus Christ is, as the Bible says, the way-the-truth-and the way to God is divisive and does not accord with ecumenism,a doctrine Rome preaches at every opportunity.

Pantheism is the acceptance of all gods.The position of Rome is that as long as you worship a god, no matter in what form, it is acceptable, in the name of ecumenism (unity). That way they do away with Jesus Christ and bring in a unified one world ecumenist religion whose head is Rome.

In spite of many ancient texts adresssing the subject of the flat earth, there is none that adresses it quite as completely as the Bible does. To limit oneself by excluding the Bible as a resource book is a serious handicap to anyone who professes to do serious research into the subject. But then It's exclusion may well be part of the plan.

Ask yourself why it is that someone would bring about hard empirical scientific method evidence showing the validity of a level flat earth yet in the same breath work so hard at making sure the Bible and Jesus Christ is kept out of the picture. Does that not seem conspicuous in and of itself?

Flat Earth is a fact, a Biblical fact ( That means that there is a Creator, a single magnificient Creator behind it all regardless of what any Gnostic/Kabbalistic/occult imposter may say. This Creator has given us a roadmap, the Bible, to guide and direct us. He gave us His Son Jesus Christ as redeemer for sin, and THAT is a fact. Flat Earth is real,just like the God Who made it.


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