The Flat Earth Facebook Posts page

With this page we bring you a collection of posts, rants and lessons we have written to Facebook. We hope they will be an encouragement and an edification. Should you have questions or comments please feel free to use the email at the bottom of the page to contact us.

Author: Servais Millette
The Cult of Man The Candle's Flame The Essence of Flat Earth
The 144,000 The Ability to See All a Theory
Babylon to Rome Becoming all Things Breaking the Shackles
Chasing the Tale Christians Who Mock FE Are Christians Clones ?
Come Out The Coming of Age Crown of Life
The Days of Noah Depth of Perception Devil's Playground
Domed Duality Enoch and Jasher
Ezra By Faith FE History
Gatekeeper God's Children First Hidden Knowledge
Kill the Messenger Last Great Outpouring The Long Game
No Divisions Orgasmic Pantheism
Quench Not The War is Raging Total Recall
A Salvation issue Secret Knowledge The Spartans
Star Luminaries The Set Apart Against the Wall
Great Tribulation


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