Fake Flat Earth Designs

It is inevitable that with a subject like Flat Earth that there would be those in the disinformation camp that would want to obfuscate the details as much as possible in order to keep the disenfranchised as confused as ever. After all, as Lenin said "the best way to control the opposition is to lead it".

There is now no doubt that flat earth has hit a nerve, and rightly so, for it is exposing the greatest lie ever told, and the perpetrators of that lie are in a scramble to catch up to the wave that has taken them by surprise. So, in an attempt to rope in the extent of the "damage" so-to-speak, they are embarking on a multi-pronged attack, a thesis/ antithesis/ synthesis formula that has worked so well for them for the last several hundred years. Working one extreme against the other extreme in order to arrive at the desired middle ground position. This has always been the pattern with which the occultists have resorted to in order to control the masses.

In the Flat Earth communities there have been many designs that have circulated in an attempt at explaining the reality of the level flat plane of the cosmology we live in, and in so doing have concocted many designs to go with the hypothesis.

We are not interested in hypothesis, guesswork or vague extrapolations on the hypothetical. We concentrate on the most ancient of the ancient texts to form an informed idea of the world in which we live. That text being the KJV Bible.

If the globe earth design is a failed one, and a lie, which we, as flat earth proponents believe it to be, then we must investigate it and resolve the design issue, if for no other reason than to get perspective, and in keeping with that we must therefore accept the Scripture that says "... let God be true, but every man a liar;..."- Romans 3:4.

When it comes to Scripture, there is no ambiguity, for that insinuates confusion, and God is not the author of confusion (1Cor 14:33). The Bible is not ambiguous, it is clear and precise, so when it tells us that there is but one Creator that is exactly what it means, one. What these other design configurations have done is to muddy the waters and bring confusion into the equation, and that is clearly not of God. They as good as have stated that the devil is a creator by default.

When it comes to the lie, or lies, as may be the case, it also has a source, just as night must have day and up must have down, there is duality, so where truth abides there must therefore also abide the lie.

It is a long held tenet of the occult that Lucifer is the one that holds the light, but that is a lie. Jesus said "... I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me."- Jn 14:6 Lucifer/satan/the devil is a liar. He is a deceiver, a liar, a counterfeiter and a fake. And he has given us what ? The heliocentric globe ball earth - the lie, the fake, the counterfeit.

This is a copy of a post on FB: OK, the image is of the fake ball earth and it's "core". Am I the only one that sees the parallels here?
Humour me for a moment. It is no secret that I am fully convinced that we live inside a ball (see all kinds of things I wrote) and that the one we have been given is a lie (the globe ball BS). Seems to me, that in keeping with the counterfeit we could look at what the devil gave us (being a liar and counterfeiter) and see if per chance there might be something to this cockamamie idea that I published.
Just look at the image. It is a ball. It has a core. It has a space between the core and the outer crust. On the outside there is infinity.
You mean to tell me that the devil came up with this on his own ? That is giving him credit I am not prepared to offer. My challenge stands; find me a design that is Scripturally sound that contradicts the one I put out, even if only in one major detail. No hypotheses or guesswork allowed. Build me something that stands up and "holds water" so-to-speak. If not, there is yet one more cognitive dissonant moment to go through.

The lie is patterned on a truth in order for it to be a lie, and the biggest lie of all is that we are on a spinning globe surrounded by an infinite space. We are IN a ball and surrounded by infinity, that much is true, but the Gnostic twisting of the truth is what has given place to the lie.

As explained in other pages the design is true; it is a water filled ball with a domed firmament flat level earth inside it set upon foundations and elevated by pillars with the Antarctic ice wall acting as a gasket to keep the waters from invading our space. That satisfies the Scriptures about 4 corners as well as those referencing "a footstool", waters above and waters below, the crystal sea, time's encapsulation, and takes into consideration that the devil used this original as his design upon which to stage his lie. It is complete, and leaves no stone unturned.It is in keeping with what Scripture says.

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