This is my ride. A 2018 Kawasaki 1700 Voyageur. The VN 1700 engine is the same as found in the Vulcan. It is a comfortable bike; both my wife and I are not small people and we are able to ride hours without having to stretch. There are two modifications that, in my opinion, are essential; one is getting mirror extension installed (makes a big difference) and the other is to get the ECU flashed by
Ivan's Performance.

my bike left my bike right

The costs from Quebec Canada for Ivan's Performance to do the work (Jan 2020) in CDN $ is $45.00 Canada Post priority shipping with $850.00 insurance. $350.00 + $ 55.00 USD ($405.00 USD = $$544.05 CDN) for the work and return shipping by FedEx, and then $80.05 CDN taxes on the "repair" for a grand total of $669.10 CDN.

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