Lesson (vol.7)



Islam ! He who submits to the faith. Allah O Akbar ! God is great. What is wrong with this picture? Nothing ! Just as true Christians are devoted to their beliefs and faith in a monotheistic God, so it is with Islam.

Very little is understood about Islam in the "West", but are the two really so far removed from one another ? Just as the misinterpretations of the Bible led the various popes to unleash armies upon the "moors" and slaughter thousands, so a misinterpretation of Islam's Holy Book, The Koran, has led some to perpetrate horrors upon others.

Just as the Bible teaches that to be a "martyr" for Jesus is honorable and that to commit violence upon our neighbour is not, Islam teaches the same values in the Koran. Islam is a religion of peace if lived truthfully and devotionally as is Christianity.

Few of the "West's" Christians realize that Islam recognizes and accepts the "virgin birth" of Mary. (it's in a section called "sura") Nor do most of these same Christians realize that the Koran recognizes Jesus Christ as a great prophet and messenger of God, but it does.

The great Prophet Mohammed brought faith to a primitive peoples which has united and strengthened them, as Christianity has united and strengthened the "western" civilizations it was brought to.

Both Christians and Muslims worship the same God, our supreme Creator and ultimate judge of our actions in this life and the next. The true practicing Muslim is not the evil maniac pictured by Hollywood and perpetrated by some medias for the sake of sensationalism and ratings. The true practicing Muslim is a pious person, one dedicated to God, and to prayer.

Apostasy or the forsaking of one's faith, is very negatively seen in the Islamic world, as has been witnessed by some Christian missionaries in times past and present. Proselytizing, or witnessing as it is called in Christianity, is unfortunately misconstrued as attempting to turn one from his faith and as such apostatizing God. This is, of course, not the case as Christianity is by definition nothing close to encouraging others to forsake God, but it is at times viewed this way, unfortunately.

In the "West" being apostate is almost considered a quality, as we know that you cannot serve God and materialism, and business is so much more important than the Creator .... that being apostate is an asset in business where otherwise all that honesty and morals would get in the way of cheating your neighbour for profit.

Should Christians shunn the Islamic world and should Muslims fear Christians ? The answer is no on both sides, as long as these are sincere in their faiths and devout there should be no problem.

After all, we share some of the same historical figures. Abraham, Moses, Solomon, the prophets and Jesus. We certainly can agree that Jesus Christ was a great Prophet of God can't we? Both our Holy Books say exactly that. Do we have to focus on our differences or do we not rather share many many more similarities ?

As Christians and true believers in Jesus Christ we should embrace our Muslim friends and spiritual cousins and work together towards the spreading of a gospel of peace and devotion to God and each other.

Behebik le~ehno Allah behebik ! I realize the spelling is probably off some but it means; I love you because God loves you. Should not this be our theme as God loving people?

May God bless you with His Love, Peace and Truth.



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