The Great 2020 Pandemic: Authentic or Scam?

The purpose for this page is to assemble input from doctors, virologists and others the mainstream media and social media platforms censor in an attempt at only allowing a one sided narrative. We hope to present an alternative to that in showing the other side of the coin by bringing to light what honest doctors weigh in with information based upon their years of experience.
Some of the most prominent names that are associated with the pandemic will also be named, along with links that may cause their credibility to come into question.


Video ***Big Pharma by Conspiracy Music Guru, featuring the injection damaged***



NEW *Medical Proof the Covid Jab is Murder*

NEW *Reality is Creeping In On Fauci*

NEW *Dr. David Martin, naming names of the instigators*

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Karry Mullis PCR test


Vaxxed Zombies Kary Mullis

Kary Mullis explains PCR is not a diagnostic test

Kary Mullis The full interview

Kary Mullis On His PCR Test -It Doesn't Tell You That Your Sick

Why The PCR Test Is NOT FIT For This Pandemic

COVID19 PCR Tests are Scientifically Meaningless

Why COVID-19 Tests Are Inaccurate

W.H.O. admits PCR tests create false positives

Kary Mullis - Fauci,Not a Scientist & Doesn’t Understand Medicine

90% of PCR Tests May Be False Positives

Christian Drosten the virologist responsible for the PCR protocol

Court Rules Covid-19 Tests Worthless

You can be vaxed with a PCR test, without knowing

Fauci critic dies at just the right moment

PCR Swabs are Coated With Ethylene Oxide – A Known Carcinogen

Doctors Speak Out

there is no virus


Drs. Ardis and Madej with Karen Kingston

Ontario doctor resigns 80% of ER patients had both shots

Vaccine Injuries and Deaths NOT being Reported

Nurse Speak Out on Pressure to NOT Report

Funeral Director Blows the Whistle on Covid

The Story of Ivermectin


VAXXED Patients' Blood Examined, Horrific Findings

The Medical Industry Has Been Weaponized

12 Prominent Scientists and Doctors -Halt COVID Vaccines

12 Experts Questioning the Coronavirus Panic

10 MORE Experts Criticising the Coronavirus Panic

1000 German Doctors say COVID-19 is 100% a Scam

Dr. Elke de Klerk _ No Real Pandemic _ Doctors for Truth _ PCR Tests

Doctors WARNING - Do Not Get the COVID Vaccine

Doctors Pandemic Not Real, Vaccine Dangerous

Dr Sherri Tenpenny | C-19 Was Created To Scare The World

Dr.Matteo Arena

International Alert Message about COVID-19

Dr David Martin and Dr Judy Mikovits Q&A Session

Plandemic II: Indoctornation

A manufactured illusion

we are close to a tipping point

WHO Scientists Faces Death Penalty


CDC is a vaccine company


CDC Lists Vaccine Deaths as Unvaccinated

CDC - most vaccinated countries a travel risk.

CDC caught fabricating covid numbers
96% of deaths from Covid19 were WRONG

CDC Withholding Information: 1,170 DEAD

Technocrats Freak Out Over 6% Death Figure

CDC removes its 14-day quarantine

1,524 DEAD 31,079 Injured Following Experimental COVID MRNA ‘Vaccines’

No deaths from COVID-19 vaccines, lying W.H.O. says

CDC Ignores Number of Deaths, Injuries After COVID Vaccines

68-year-old dies after COVID vaccine CDC continues to ignore

CDC explains how to use the wrong tool for the job

CDC moves the goal posts AGAIN.

CDC fake positives

CDC - More Hospitalizations of Young People from Vaccine than From the Actual COVID

History of the CDC’s consistently inconsistent advice

Fully Vaccinated People Are Contagious Says CDC

The official vaccine narrative IMPLODING: CDC warns that virus is evading the vaccines


Experimental Gene Therapy

The Vaccine Racket



President Of Croatia: “We Will Not Be Vaccinated Anymore”

truth on manipulating about the experimental vaccine


People Injured by COVID-19 Jab

Update from John O'Looney On Vax Deaths

Blood Cells Clotting After Vaccine

This Happened To a CHILD Who was Vaccinated

Dr Jane Ruby the graphene content in the vaccines as poison

In Memoriam: Victims of COVID-19 Vaccines

Israel - testimonies after the injection

Bow To The Mandate Like This Nurse Did

How To Remove Vaccine Poison Instant Clotting

Vax damage numbers

Michel Chossudovsky Yes it’s a Killer Vaccine

62% of Patients Vaccinated for COVID Have Permanent Heart Damage


Pfizer Whistleblower Confirms Planned Genocide.

Countries that buy Pfizer’s vaccine undertake to break the law.

vaccine safety alert the watchdog is ignoring

Red Cross Vaccine Alert

Robert Kennedy — ADE is why mRNA injections have never been approved…

Vaccine Deaths Reported as Unvaxxed COVID Deaths

Vaccine Injured Who Regret Their Decisions

Dr Steven Hotze says no to experimental gene therapy

Dr. Carrie Madej about the nanotechnology used in the Covid-19 Vaccine

The Stand - Truth About the COVID-19 Vaccine

Fighting Mandatory Vaccines

No legal grounds for employers to force employees to get vaccinated

Depopulation Through Forced Vaccination

Coronavirus 'Vaccines' Kill People With mRNA

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Explains

The 1918 Spanish Flu: Only The Vaccinated Died

A Coming COVID Catastrophe

Withdraw the gene-altering vaccine. It’s killing people.

Robert F Kennedy Jr in Berlin 28 aug 2020

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Explains COVID Injections


Claire Edwards -The COVID-19 Genocide of 2020

Former Pfizer VP: Your government is lying to you

Stay away from vaxxed people

Vaccine Causing Damage, NOT Virus

Criminal Pfizer

CV-19 vaxed people can shed spike protein

Spike Protein is A Pathogenic Toxin

Covid-19 Vaccine Linked to Infertility

E U - 1.5 Million Vaccine Injuries, 15,472 Deaths

covid vaccine TERMINATES 4 out of 5 pregnancies

Heart inflammation due to blood clotting caused by covid-19 vaccines

Possible COVID Vaccine Antidote?

Suramin the Covid Vaccine Antidote

Natural Source of Suramin

CONTENTS Inside Pfizer Vials EXPOSED!

Covid-19 Vaccine Linked to Infertility/Cancer/Heart Problems in Recipients


Dr James Meehan on masks


C02 Levels in a Mask
Masks Are a Crime Against Humanity
Medical Officials' Warning Against Wearing a Mask
Masks and social distancing were never necessary. -W.H.O.

Surgeon General Masks Increase Virus Risk

CDC Mask-Wearing Provides No Real Protection Against Covid

Masks Are Neither Effective Nor Safe

D.C. ‘mask mandate’ exempts lawmakers & government employees

MSDS Ethylene Oxide

Extremely hazardous - E Oxide

(EO) Residue in Medical Products

E O on masks and swabs

Parents Sent Their Kids’ Masks for Lab Analysis

Masks Cause Children to Inhale Dangerous Levels of Carbon Dioxide

Quick Demo of how masks (don't) help


Dr James Meehan on masks


Pfizer, BioNTech, Moderna making $1,000 profit every second

Weaponization of Coronavirus - David Martin

Biden Administration in Full Retreat

Another FDA commissioner joins the pharmaceutical industry

David Martin, call it what it is.

Reiner Fuellmich on the Pandemic Fraud

Vaccine Passports Are All About Control

1000% More Deadly than COVID

Former Pfizer Employee Confirms Poison

Rocco Galati - it's going to court.

FDA gaslights the world with FAKE approval of Pfizer vaccine.

Dr. David E. Martin Proof of Treason and Crimes Against Humanity.

What We Are About to See, unfathomable truth.

Great Reset and the N W O

Biggest Fraud in Medical History

Crimes against Humanity...part one

Crimes against Humanity...part two

Irish Government: COVID-19 Does NOT Exist

Epidemiologist warns coronavirus crackdown based on bad data

The CDC has lost all credibility

Doctor blowing whistle on COVID 19

How the numbers of Corona deaths are being skewed

A Lot of Evidence That It’s A Fake-Doctors on COVID-19

The scam of covid19 testing

COVID-19 does not exist

Investigation Of W.H.O. For Faking Coronavirus Pandemic

Dr. Birx believes the CDC is inflating death numbers

Illinois Public Health Covid Death Statistics are fake

Former Chief Science Officer for Pfizer Second Wave Faked

The greatest Nuremberg is on its way

False Reports Came From White House Task Force

Covïd-19 Death Certificate Fraud ADMITTED?!!

How Covid Deaths Are Over-Counted

Lawyers to sue WHO for misleading world

The Deagel 2025 Projections

Covid deaths & Injuries

Dr. David Martin Just Ended Covid, Fauci, DOJ And Politicians

Hellooooo.... There IS No 'Virus'

Lab Analysis at 7 Universities Shows NO Covid!

Fauci, Gates are committing mass genocide

Court VICTORY in Alberta! ends measures.



Anthony Fauci

Fauci fake


***The Fauci Dossier - David Martin***

Fauci admits covid jabs are killing people


Dr. Fauci’s Horrifying Past

Fauci "predicted" the "pandemic" in 2017

Remember When Fauci Exposed Patients To Drug Deadlier Than The Disease

Fauci on the Jesuits

Do What You’re Told!

Masks Are Symbolic

FAUCI IS A FAKE! - Jeffrey Tucker - Tucker Carlson - Laura Ingraham - Dave Portno

Rand Paul GOES OFF on Dr. Fauci

Criminal History Of Fauci And Birx

Nobel Laureate, PCR Inventor Said Fauci Was a Liar

The Truth About Fauci Featuring Dr. Judy Mikovits

The Fauci Fiasco

Fauci Admitting There Is No ‘Science’ Behind Lockdown

Fauci’s 15 Totally Wrong Predictions and Contradictions

‘No doubt’ Trump will face surprise disease outbreak


Dr. Fauci's Long Criminal History

Fauci colluded with communist China

Anthony Fauci Accused Of Genocide

W. H. Planning a Graceful Exit for Fauci

Fauci Scammed the US


Bill Gates

A Man of Great Influence


Gates Gave $319 Million to Major Media Outlets

How Gates, Fauci, and Schwab Hijacked Covid-19

Bill Gates - injecting GMOs in little kids arms

Gates secured contact tracing agreements six months before pandemic.


Bill Gates-Population Control


BEFORE COVID-19, Bill Gates Planned Social Media Censorship of Vaccine Safety

Bill Gates the Reason Behind the Lock-Downs?

Italian MP Calls for Bill Gates to Be Charged with ‘Crimes Against Humanity’


Liens Francais


Le « Test » PCR est une énorme escroquerie sanitaire,

Mal Traites

Jusqu’à 90 % des cas canadiens de COVID pourraient être des faux positifs

Hold-up version integrale.

Québec demande de ne pas utiliser des masques

Un oubli inexplicable

Nanomatériaux magnétiques dans les injections

Dr. Jane Ruby decrit les vaccins comme un poison

Les reactions complexes de l'oxyde de graphene

vous avez ete empoisonne au graphene pas du covid


What we can see with the above links is that the foundation for this alleged pandemic has and is the PCR test. This is a complete fraud as the test was never intended as a dianostic tool to detect infectious disease yet that is exactly how the authorities in every country in the world have used it.
They have knowingly and intentionally used a method of achieving "positive cases" in order to satisfy an agenda not in keeping with their moral obligation of protecting and keeping their populations safe from harm.
Not only have they not lived up to their moral responsibility but have actively participated in the use of human beings for experimental gene therapy disguising it as a medical procedure that is safe and effective, a vaccine, which it is not. According to the Nuremberg Principles this constitutes a crime against humanity, yet no one is lifting a finger,as they should, to put this to an end.
People are not lab rats, however this seems to be a lost fact on those who perpetuate this hoax, be they in the field of medicine, where the are sworn to do no harm or in the field of government where they are held to keep the public trust. The question that begs asking is what is causing these people to comit such a heinous betrayal of trust ?
The Nuremberg Code, you know the one the Nazis were tried at after the war, made it a crime against humanity to use medical practices to experiment on people. And since the gene therapy they are pushing off as a "vaccine for covid 19" is exactly that, experimental, they are doing the same thing they accused and hung the Nazis for.
Dr. Josef Mengele has been accused over the years in every possible article of doing EXACTLY what these pharma companies are doing now under the tutelage of one Bill Gates, not a medical graduate of any kind, but a eugenicist who has publicly declared (see link above) he wanted to use vaccines as part of a eugenics program to kill off 10-15% of the world's population. Bill Gates is the primary share holder of both the CDC and the W.H.O. who are fronting his pre meditated extermination plan. If you still believe in the righteousness of the systems of this world who are on board with this you have not been paying attention.

Most if not all people think of a pandemic as producing deaths, lots and lots of deaths, as this has been the standard for a " pandemic" forever, and still is ... or is it? The far left leaning W.H.O. was handed over to Bill Gates by the Trump administration when the US pulled out of the W.H.O. but the funding left one side and went to the other in the form of GAVI, a Gates vaccine company. Not too many people understand the implications of when the W.H.O. re branded the word " pandemic" away form meaning number of deaths to meaning number of "cases reported". So now a "pandemic" according to it's new altered definition is based upon the number of reported cases, whether those cases result in death or not, irrelevant. In steps the PCR test, the one widely used as the benchmark for diagnosing positive cases of CV19. As we know, the PCR test was never meant to be used as a diagnostic tool and gives up mostly false positive results, but that part is also irrelevant as the number of "reported cases" is what they look at, not how many of those are 100% fake.

It is quite the scam which can be made to continue for as long as the perpetrators deem profitable. All they have to do is continue using a tool for diagnosis that is faulty and not designed for the purpose it is being dispatched to do; and they get "reported cases" for as long as they want. Every country keeps a list of vital statistics (births/deaths ect) and everyone that has been checked has determined without doubt or uncertainty that the total death counts has not varied much over the last several years, including the year of the pandemic. So, when European doctors and virologist make the claim that there is no pandemic they are 100% correct if using the long standing definition of what constitutes a pandemic but wrong if using the new scammed definition put out by a compromised alleged health organization that has been 100% subverted by private interest. So, in realistic terms there is no pandemic, other than the illusionary one manufactured by moving the goal posts.


death stats Nuremberg Code


Still want the injection ?(click for video)

There is little wonder why many of the participants in the fraud are now finding themselves charged with crimes against humanity while the directorship of it walks away, leaving their useful idiots to take the brunt of the responsibility for what they have done. What these originators aren't counting on is the day of reckoning that is coming when they find themselves before God and made to give account. They will receive everything owed them.


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