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This is the Veritas contact page. It is offered as a means to get in touch with me for general querries, guidance and fellowship. It is not a conduit for theological argument. My website is simple and easy to navigate, it's content is there to be considered and either accepted or rejected as you excercise your free will and majesty of choice.

If all you want to do is argue semantics or get pissy then your email will not be replied to and will go directly to the trash (I have better things to do).

Any media request will be made via our main email account with "media request" in the subject line. This does not guarantee a reply.

My main email contact is : answers (at) . Have a nice day, and may God's peace guide your thoughts.

A question that could be of interest to clubs and others is why is it that if I am independant there is an "MC"on the URL ?
The explanation is simple; when I first set out it was my intention to bring into life a new motorcycle club and so registered my website to accomodate this. After looking into it, and the potential problems I could face I decided on an independant route. All that said though, the flat earth page attached to it had already gotten quite abit of popularity and has been bookmarked by thousands of people making any changes to the URL impractical.
This is not to say that one day I may yet venture into seeking a blessing to open up a new MC in my area, but for now that is not the direction I am heading in. I hope that clears up any confusion that may have occurred.


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