So, You Want to be a Leader ?

I was thinking recently about the years that some men spent in seclusion before their final day came. Moses spent 40yrs tending sheep, Joseph spent years languishing in Pharaoh's prison, and even Jesus spent years as a carpenter before begining His ministry.

With any major change in history, somebody had to dream of it before it could happen! Somebody had to have the inspiration, the vision, the faith that kindled the fire. Nearly every great building, every great accomplishment, every great movement took years of planning and laborious engineering.

It takes alot longer to plan a building than it does to build it. The fun part was the physical action where you could really see something. But, the people who get excited when they see the physical part only see the smallest part of the job. It's the invisible part that is below the surface, and which takes long hours, days, weeks and sometimes years of planning and preparation that is the hardest part, and for which you get the least credit. But without it there would be no finished product !

Every bit of food we eat, the clothing we wear, the buildings we live in, and even all the little necessities of everyday life are just the temporary, visible end products of generations of planning and producing. God's behind-the-scene labours are almost totally invisible...the work of Creation, His design and plan for man, His constant care from the realm of the Spirit. You don't even know how He did it. All you have to do is enjoy it ! Dr. Robert Millikan wrote,"Behind every watch there had to be a watchmaker, and so behind the intricate precision of this great universe there had to be a Divine designer."

Maybe you wish you were the boss, to enjoy the glory and the riches, and to tell others what to do. Believe me, you'd do better to work your hours and not worry, than to work all the hours and have all the worry ! You couldn't possibly see all the problems, the obstacles, the difficulties; how hard it is to know what to do, to make the decisions, and tell others how to do it and to be willing to take all the blame for the failures. You look at your boss, and you think,"I'd like to be him or her! I wish I had their position!" Watch out ! Some day you may have, and wish you hadn't.

Don't ask for leadership. Don't even desire it. You don't know what you are asking for ! Don't try to be a leader, unless God shoves you into it and you have to be !


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