The Word - How not to Backslide

How can you become seperated from the Lord? It's when you become seperated from the Word, because He is the Word. " In the beginning was the Word,...and the Word was God." (John chap.1) When anyone neglects the Word, they neglect the life of God. They don't treat their bodies like that ! So, why treat your spirit like that ? So if Christians become alienated from the Word, they become alienated from the Lord.

Jesus is the Word, and you have to have a dose of Him everyday. Just like you have to eat food in order to have physical strength, you have to drink of the Word to have spiritual strength. Food for the soul is important. You've got to feed yourself spiritually or your soul is going to suffer !

So there it is, the secret of why people backslide. They get away from the Word first of all, and when they get away from the Word they become darkened in their understanding, and then they become alienated from the life of God, which is the Word. If you don't like it, love it and believe it, it's the equivalent to rejecting it ! You'll find that every backslider is weak in the Word, and doesn't really live in the Word. Christians who really know the Word are strong in faith. So, that's the secret.


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