Sanctified !

You are a saint ! -- a sinning saint, because we're all saints but still sin sometimes. Everyone who believes in Jesus is a saint. The word "saint" comes from the same root word as "sanctified". Most people think that means to be permanently made holy, but it really means to be cleansed and seperated and set aside for future use.

This is like when you wash the dishes. You are sanctifying them! Afterwards you place them aside for further use. That's what "sanctified" means. That's the way Jesus does with you: He takes you, dirty with sin and He washes you with His blood and the water of His Word and He gets you all nice and clean.

Why do you wash the dishes anyway ? You wash them to use again right ? They're set aside for later use. But when you use it again, it gets dirty right ? Some Christians want it to be like this,"Ah, now I'm all nice and clean ! I want God to set me aside on a nice beautiful shelf and never get me dirty anymore. I want to stay clean forever and never get dirty anymore. I just want to stay nice and clean up here on this shelf for a decoration, not for use !"

Most church Christians pride themselves on how nice and clean and pretty they are and they are content just being a decoration -- never intending to be used !

Saving souls is sort of like washing dishes. You have to go down into the dirty water to get the dish in order to clean it right ? Sometimes when you are in wordly atmospheres you get some of the "dirt" on you and when you come back out you have to clean off. When retrieving a soul you sometimes get a little dirty yourself, but then you bring them out and wash them in the water of the Word and cleanse them by the blood of Jesus and set them aside for further use in His Kingdom.

To make you clean, Jesus had to get pretty dirty Himself. He had to bear your sins on that cross. We've always got this picture of Jesus hanging on the cross in such pretty art that we don't see the pain, we don't see the dirt of our sins on Him, we don't see the tortured agony of being seperated from God at the moment of His death, all so He could take the dirt of your sins away and make you clean. That's what Jesus had to do !

So, that is what we have; the ministry of sanctification ! To go down there and get dirty in order to save souls, and clean 'em up with the water of the Word and the blood of Christ. Or you could decide to be a valueless decoration, all nice and clean and useless.


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