One Wife

God will have no other gods before Him, not even the sanctity of the marriage god! God is the God of marriage, too, and the main thing is to be married to Him and His work of bringing His truth to others.

The family marriage: the spiritual reality behind so-called group marriage is that of putting the larger family, the whole family first. This is not meant to minimize the marriage ties as such, it is just that our ties to the Lord and His work and Will are greater and more important than any private personal ties.

God is in the business of breaking up little selfish private worldly families to make of their pieces a much larger family, His family, the bride of Christ. God is trying to teach us the lesson of putting Him and His family first.

There can be no superior or selfish private ties which supercede our ties to God above all ! Marriage is not the supreme thing. The love of God and His family are far more important to Him than these little private interpersonal relationships, including marriage.

The average Christian puts his marriage to his wife and private family above his marriage to God. But the love for God and His family is much more important and must occupy first place.

Whatsoever you do in word or in deed, do all to the glory of God. Whatever's best for God and His family is what's right !


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