Mountain Men

In chapter five of the Gospel of Mathew, we see that there is a definite distinction made between the mountain and the multitude. "And seeing the multitudes, he (Jesus) went up into a mountain..."

When Jesus climbed the mountain, He left the multitude behind. Mountain peaks are never crowded. Not many people desire to climb mountains. It's lonesome, and you have to leave everything behind to do it. It may even cost you your life.

There is more light on the mountain. The valley is almost always dark...full of people and things. The mountain is windy and cold, but thrilling!

If you are going to climb a mountain, you have to have the feeling that it's worth dying for! Any mountain...the mountain of this life, the mountain of accomplishment, the mountain of obstacles, of difficulty. But on the mountain top alone, you feel so close to the Lord! The voice of His Spirit there is so loud, it's thundering! The silence on the mountain peak is deafening! It's a thrill! Whereas in the valley, the voice of the multitude is so loud, you can't hear the voice of God.

Of course, mountain climbing is extremely dangerous. You're never so near the abyss as you are when you are on the brink! One little misstep will end you right down at the bottom again. It's much easier climbing up than it is back down again. Many mountain climbers who died were lost in the descent.

How many people who turn away from the Lord and His service really see what it is they're getting into? They think they're going back to the easy way, but never realise what they are getting into by going back

You get a peculiar feeling that you don't want to leave the mountain, there's no inspiration in it. There is a certain drive, almost a spiritual thing going'll risk anything. But going down? inspiration, no goal, no accomplishment.

Only PIONEERSclimb mountains! People who want to do something that no one ever did before, people who want to get above the multitude, beyond what has been done and accomplished. Pioneers must have vision and faith to see and believe what no one else does; initiative and courage to be first and follow it through to the end.

On the mountain you feel like you are living in eternity; whereas, down below they are living in time. You see the world in it's proper perspective with range after range to be conquered and a world beyond the vision of normal men. You see things that men in the valley can never see or comprehend.

In the valley, you become involved in the multitude and the materialism and you can't see anything else; but if you thrust your head above that multitude they can't understand you and they don't want you. They don't even want to know that there are mountains! They want to stay in the valley, in the mud and mire.

When you appear to be on a mountain while they are in the valley, they hate you because it's obvious you are above them, and they don't want anyone to be above them. They don't want it to be known that there is any other place to be, and they will do everything they can to discourage you from climbing that mountain.

The greatest sermon of all time was preached from a mountain! The Sermon on the Mount. Power and greatest were symbolised by mountains in the Bible, never by valleys. The Lord speaks of the Kingdom of God as a mountain that fills the whole earth!

So what are you going to be? A mountain climber, or a valley dweller? The choice is up to you.


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