The Look of Love

Love at first sight is quite possible, for eyes are the windows of the soul and when we look earnestly and penetratingly into each other's eyes a definite reaction takes place.

How often have you had a feeling of great pleasure, enjoyment and satisfaction from just looking at a beautiful scene, picture, flower or sunset ? Too often we see what we want to see and merely ignore what we don't want to see. So, eyesight is undoubtedly the most important of all our senses.

You can use your eyes to signal someone; they can convey love or hatred, embarrassment, deceitfulness or anger. Many human emotions are indicated by the look of the eyes.

When we first meet someone our usual focal point is their eyes, for the eyes betray character, the eyes speak the true nature and attitude of the person. Eyes are the greatest betrayers of the true emotions within.

The eye is the most sincere communicator of all our senses and comes closest to the spiritual and extra-sensory perception. The Hypnotist can command a subject to perform acts as if they have no will of their own and all through the use of the eyes. If through the eye one's spirit can so amazingly affect and even control another, then the eyes truly are the most powerful, and can be the most useful or dangerous of all our senses.

The most direct way to all our hearts is through the eyes. Eyes are extremely spiritual and have uncanny powers. With the Lord you can get through to people's spirits immediately ! You make instant contact in the spirit. If there's real spiritual contact in a look it's just as intimate as getting into bed with someone.

So many folks are always seaking genuine love, but seldom, if ever finding it, for there are so few of God's people who are willing to show His real love and manifest it by genuine proving action.

The only love of God they can see is the love they see in you, and unless you can show that God loves by your own love from God noone will ever know it.

Our loving looks have the loving answer to the need of every hungry heart...the look of love which unlocks the doors.


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