The Holy War

We are all in a Holy War together ! We are fighting together for our faith, truth and freedom ! We are determined that the poor of this world shall be fed, clothed, housed and enabled to labour in freedom, peace, health and happiness to obtain their needs.

We have dedicated our all that all may be free to live lives of happiness in cooperation and Godly socialism ! From each according to his ability to each according to his need. Mankind cannot be happy when hungry much of the time, enslaved by oppression, tyranny and exploitation, suffering the pains of hunger, disease, abuse, constant conflict and the fear of perpetual insecurity.

We believe that all of these evils are caused by men's lack of love for God and each other, and their defiance of His laws of love, faith, peace and harmony.

Apart from knowing what we are fighting for and against, we must also know how we must fight ! Ours is not a war of weapons and armies where men hate. Ours is a war of the spirit, in faith and love, to win the minds and hearts and to save the souls of men. Ours is a war to free men from the evils of the spirit, mind and heart which cause them to be selfish,unloving, vicious and cruel to each other. We are in a war of the worlds ! Between good and evil, God and the Devil, love and hate, joy and misery.Ours is a war of the universe between the spirits which are contending for our souls, not only on this earth but also in the world of the spirit.

We must free men from fear with faith, we must free them from hatred with love, we must free them from sorrow with joy, we must free them from war with peace, and we must free them from death with Eternal life !


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