Glamour or Glory ?

Musical perfection is mathematical, but musical inspiration is divine! That's the difference between the truly greats and the perfectionists: The major difference is that the perfectionists, those who have great voices etc., but who are more interested in their performance and are more conscious of how they are singing and looking and sounding, are only interested in themselves!--It falls flat, nothing but an egotistical display of self !

Whereas the truly great performers make you forget they are performing and even forget them you're so carried away with the emotion of their message and what they're singing or saying or portraying, so that they fade out of the picture and you're getting the message.

The greatest stars are those who don't know they're stars. The greatest men are the ones who didn't know they were great. What makes you really great is the greatness GOD gives you--the SPIRIT, the inspiration. You have to have the Holy Spirit which people recognise as something great, but you have to remember it is not you--it's the Holy Spirit, so people recognise they're not seeing you--they're seeing the LORD.

We are showing God to the world. They don't know what He's like. The only way they're going to know is by seeing God in you, and that's not you. If they only see you like they see in the churches, ugh! But if in seeing you they don't see you, they see the LORD, that's the difference.

That's what the world calls charisma, a kind of a mystical charm, a divine anointing, a supernatural fascination. That's what every really great musician, singer, speaker, performer, prophet or king must have, a divine anointing. It ought to really erase the performer in some respects and make you think of GOD, of the greater one behind the person--not the mere instrument.

When God has given you a role to play and you can play it with divine anointing and real inspiration of the Lord and by the power of His Spirit, you become that creation of GOD!

It's the power of God !That's what you have to have when witnessing, singing, writing or whatever. It's gotta be GOD! If you are willing to be what God wants you to be, not what you are, but what GOD wants you to be, then He can mightily use you.

One of the biggest dangers you have is to begin thinking it's you. It's GOD'S anointing. If He withdraws it, you're just flat. That's what's wrong with the churches today: they've got everything, but they're a failure because they've lost the spirit--no anointing or power, no real emotion, no charisma.--The fire's gone!

I don't care how much education you have, how much of an orator you are, if you haven't got the fire, it profits nothing! If you haven't got the fire I don't care how "good" a witness you are, how many verses you learn, how much you understand Bible Prophecy and can describe every Beast in the Book and hang a label on every horn! If you haven't got the fire, it's just cold dead facts and figures--no warmth, no heat! You'll never set anybody on fire without it ! All you'll do is get them muddled up and turn them off.

Although, if you have that divine anointing, it makes every little task wonderful ! Unless it moves you, what good is it? The business we're in is moving people! We're trying to move them from one place to the other, one life to another, one spirit to another. We're trying to move them! If your witness doesn't make them glad, mad or sad, it's just so much hot air and a waste of time! It's the difference between somebody who is proud of his own work and himself and those who have the Spirit and just wanna exalt Jesus !

People have to see you but they've got to see Jesus coming through you. The Spirit can make anything glorious! It can make you even clean toilets with an artistic finesse and be satisfied with the good job you did and consider it a work of art and a thing of beauty! The Spirit can turn it on, no matter what it is or who it is, and give it Glory and Glamour and Life!

But if your service for God hasn't got the spirit it stinks and people are going to run the other way. Have you got the Spirit ? Has your singing, witnessing, music or whatever you do got the power, the fire of God?--If not, it's dead works! God help you to have the fire power of God's Spirit in all you do!--Amen? Don't try to work up Glamour, pray down Glory !


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