As you know, science tells us that there are four dimensions comprising the existence of matter: In order to exist, all material objects must have length, breadth, depth, which comprise space, and one more which is called time. Einstein's theories brought this out clearly...that time and space are definitely related and that nothing can occupy material space without time .

I hold in my hand an amazing little post card, a beautiful underwater scene of God's creation. The strange thing about this little poscard is that as I look at it edge-on, I can really only see about two dimensions: length and breadth, and I am in the land of the Flatlander who can only understand his own little world with no depth whatsoever. As I look at this card edge-on I can't see anything else either, and if I were a Flatlander I would insist that there was no other world beyond my two dimensions, because I just can't see it.

Now we are going to move in a new direction unknown to the Flatlander...the direction of height. We are now looking down on this little postcard, and we find that it is a very amazing postcard known as a three dimentional postcard. Objects seem to be in front of others.

So, now we have entered a new world, beyond the scope of the poor Flatlander who can only see two dimensions. We have become like a god to the Flatlander, a being beyond his comprehension. Since we are now above his lowly plane of only two dimensions, we have passed completely out of his sight, and unless we condescend to stoop to his level he cannot see us at all, much less understand our new dimension.

Although the Flatlander cannot see us unless we stoop momentarily to his narrow plane into his very limited line of vision, we can nearly always see him from almost any direction in or out of his dimension.

Since our dimension is completely beyond his realm, he simply brushes all such nonsense aside and says that we and our dimension just don't exist !

The fact of the matter is that the dear little Flatlander, in his pride, since he personally can only operate on one plane, hates to admit that there's anything beyond his level, unless he is given 3rd dimentional wings to explore it. Poor fellow ! How limited his vision, how restricted his scope of operation ! And he is particularly furious with anyone else who claims that some 3rd dimentional creature has given anyone a glimpse of what is beyond his little domain. He refuses to acknowledge anything that he cannot see in his two little directions.

And so it is with the 4D natural cubic man ! He's a blockhead who refuses to believe that anything else exists, such as a 5th dimention, a spirit world, because he's never seen or been there before, and he is furious with those who have, because this puts him below their level of the Heavenly 5th dimension, and he hates to admit that there is anything beyond him.

I want to tell you something; I've not only heard about it, read about it, seen pictures of it, but I've been there, so I know it exists whether you believe it or not ! And unless you are willing to admit that I have something you haven't got, and would like to have, and humbly ask for the truth, and ask the spiritual people to help you find this new world, you'll never know it !


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