New Christians are often under the misunderstanding that as soon as they receive Jesus, they'll become very happy and all their problems will be solved, they will never have difficulties and things are always going to go smoothly.

The Lord lets you go through some of the heaviest tests in the very beginning in order to wash out the people who just can't make it. Receiving Jesus as your Saviour doesn't automatically bring complete relief from all problems and battles.

Like the story of the servant of a wealthy plantation owner, who's boss asked him one day," Why is it, Sam, that you are a Christian, and yet you have all these troubles and trials and tribulations? And here, I don't believe in God, and yet I don't have as much trouble as you do." Sam replied,"Well boss, I guess I'll have to think about that one." A few days later Sam and the boss went duck hunting. After a successful hunt, his boss yelled,"Bag the live ones, Sam ! Bag the live ones ! Leave the dead ones lay." Ol' Sam came later and said," Boss, I can answer your question. You see, I'm a live one. The Devil is afraid I'm going to get away, so he tries to bag me first. You are a dead one! He's already got you, he's not a bit worried about you."

Of course, once you are saved, you can't loose your Salvation, but the Devil tries to keep you from serving God, so he gives you alot of trouble, tempting you to backslide and destroy your usefulness, and trying to keep you from winning others to the Lord.

Some ask,"Well, what did getting saved do for me anyway?I'm having these horrible trials now!" They've got to remember that now they have Eternal life, they're not going to hell.They are going to win in the long run. Even though there's war and turmoil in the world outside they've gotten rid of it on the inside. There are all kinds of benefits to being Christian. You've got all the promises in the whole Bible on your side now. You need to read your Bible to see that although there are battles, the rewards are high. When the Devil sees he can't stop you, then he usually quits, gives up for awhile, eases off and tries something else.

Christians have to understand, they are not joining the Peace Corps, they've joined the army of God, and it's engaged in a battle! Every time we win a soul to the Lord, it's another victory, another battle won. That's what you joined the army for, to fight ! There's no triumph without a trial, no victory without a battle.

A new Christian convert wins Salvation by grace, a God-given victory, and the battle for their soul is won and it's a permanent victory, thank God. Jesus won your battle, He died for you on the cross.

Those are the kind of soldiers who win victories, the ones who refuse to quit. May God raise up fighters who like to fight for the Lord with the weapon of His Word, who enjoy defeating the Devil, and who know they can't lose. We may not win all the battles, but we are going to win the war!


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