Did you know it's easy for you to get things from the Lord? You just have to have Faith! When you ask the Lord for an answer,expect an answer, and take the first thing that comes.If you really believe and ask the Lord, you won't be disapointed. Expect God to answer! Just open up your heart and let the sunshine in!

A baby is such an example of this; when he's crying for his mother, you wouldn't think of refusing him. Hearing from the Lord is our spiritual nourishment , and you've got to be able to hear from the Lord.

That little baby has more faith that you do sometimes, because the baby expects someone to hear him when he cries. Because he knows, god put it in him to know, that if he calls you'll answer. He expects the answer, and he gets it!

Shutting your eyes helps you to see in the spirit and to become unconcious of the things and people around you, and get your mind on the Lord. You're in a relaxed position where nothing distracts you; then, expect whatever you hear or see is from the Lord.

When you first pick up a child, you must reveal yourself to him, and when he is very tiny you have to bring the nourishment to him. As he gets older he automatically knows where to find it himself. The longer you practice receiving nourishment from the Lord, the more you know where to get it from.

You have to have the faith to begin to receive. You absolutely have to draw God's nourishment. God can show it to you, but if you don't draw on it you won't get anything

Faith is a kind of drawing power! It is you drawing power from God. It's kind of like a bank account; the money is there, and the Father has put it there in your name, but you'll never get it unless you are willing to go to the bank, sign the cheque by faith and draw on it!

What is it that brings the milk out of the breast? It is the baby creating a vacuum by his sucking action. You have to create a vacuum in your heart so the Lord can fill it! In prayer you create a vacuum that needs filling, so you call upon the Lord for help. You create the vacuum, the Lord fills it.

The Lord wants you to draw on the word, not only the recorded Word, but the living Word. You have to believe when you create that vacuum in your heart that the first thing that comes into your mind is from the Lord: the first thing you see, you must believe that that is from the Lord, and you must go straight on from there. He gives you a little, but then you have to expect more! If the baby didn't swallow what he got, he couldn't get any more.

And that's how you get revelations from the Lord! If it's a message in tongues and prophecy, you take it in, then you show your belief by giving it, but you only get one mouthful at a time. You have to exercise your faith.

The faithful people are people who are full of faith, full of a vacuum, and the Lord's high pressure fills it. The power is always on! The message is always there! All you have to do is tune in . Faith is the hand of the spirit which reaches out and receives! It is the part that you do. It's so simple: You just have to have the faith of a little baby. The answer is always there if you are willing to receive it.


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