Diamonds of Dust

God put on a "light show" the other day, and we were there to see it! He said alot of things too, and we tried to listen. I am sure He must have shown it before, but we were all too busy to watch.

The Lord let three tiny rays of light beam their way into our room...not through the shutter, obstructing the light, but through tiny peepholes, letting it in! The smaller the hole, the more perfect the image, the more accurate the projection it reflects! The smaller you are, the clearer others can see Him! The less there is of you, the more His light shines through!

The rays were many different colours...all showing a different colour of His Light, but the same light. Like the Bible says, there are different gifts, but they are all from the Holy Spirit. Different gifts, but the same Spirit, each one reflecting in his own way the Light of God.

We can be like little rays of light in this city that is so dark! Even a few rays of light can make some kind of impression! Don't ever think because there is so much darkness, that it's no use to have just a little light, because even one candle can be seen a mile away when it's dark.

Even a grain of dust, as small as it is, can sparkle like a diamond, if it will get in the sunshine, if the room is dark enough. The greater the darkness, the brighter the light! A little diamond of dust or a little ray of sunshine shows up best when the room is very dark, because,"where iniquity doth abound, grace doth much more abound."(Ro5:20)

What you see when you see the flame of a candle is not the fire itself, but the tiny little glowing particles, made white hot by the flame.You're not actually seeing the light at all, because the light itself is invisible! It can only be seen in the reflections of all those little diamonds of dust! You don't dare look right at the sun, as it can blind you, but you best see it's reflection in the things that it shines on.

Just so, people can only see God as His Children reflect Him, like little diamonds of dust! They can't look at God, because He's too bright; He blinds them! They have to look at us to see God in our reflection of Him. God's light can only be seen if you reflect it! So, "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in Heaven" (Mt5:16) If the dust weren't there, you couldn't see the light, and if the light weren't there, you couldn't see the dust! It takes both!

You may never see the little diamond of dust again, for some of them just flow into the light, sparkle for a moment, and then vanish back into the darkness. They only have their moment of Truth!...But if only once in it's life it scintillates with the light of the Lord, it's worth it! Even if only once in it's life, it is life and joy to someone, it's worth it! But, if it could stay in the Lord's light, it could sparkle it's life out to the end, like one candlestick gives light to the whole house until it is finished! The longer that little grain of dust stays right in the light, the longer it shines...and the longer it stays a diamond!

For they can sparkle so short a while, and then they're gone, like a man's life, like the grass of the field which today is and tomorow is gone! For what is your life? It's but a vapour, a vapour that reflects His rays of light for a little while and then it's gone! You have no guarantee of tomorow. You'd better sparkle now while you have the light, or you'll fade into oblivion and no one will know you ever existed, because no man ever saw the light reflected in you, shining through you!

  • The path of the rays of light we see is very straight and very narrow! It only shines in one direction, and it's source is only in one direction! So there is only one way to the Source, and you've got to follow that way or you won't make it! Jesus is the light of the world, He is the only way. Only in Him is there light...the straight and narrow beam that points to the Love of God, to the Son of God's love! And unless you get in that beam of Love, you'll never shine; for " I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life; no man cometh to the Father, but by Me!" (Jn14:6)


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