Our Declaration of Love

We believe in Love!...Love for God and for others. That's our religion... Love. Love is everything, for wihout Love there is nothing! No friends, no families, no fathers, no mothers, no children, no sex or health or happiness or Heaven. There could be none of these without Love, for none is possible without God, and God is Love!

This is the solution to all of man's problems: Love, true love, the love of God, and the love of fellow man. To love one another is still God's solution, even in such a complex, confused and highly complicated society as that of the world today!

It is man's rejection of the love of God and His laws that causes him to be selfish and unloving, vicious, cruel and unkind to his neighbour...man's inhumanity to man, which is so apparent in today's world with all of it's enslavement by oppression, tyranny, exploitation and robbery by the rich, people suffering from the tortures of war and nightmares of perpetual fearful insecurity.

All of these evils are caused by man's lack of love for God and each other and his defiance of God's laws of love and faith and harmony with Him and each other. It's really just that simple: if we love God, we can love each other! We can then follow His rules of life, liberty and happines, and all will be well in Him.

This is why Jesus said that the first and greatest commandment is to love!..."love the Lord thy God with all thy heart ...and thy neighbour as thyself..." And through the story of the good Samaritan we see that our neighbour is anyone who needs our help. For, if we have real love, we can't face a needy situation without doing something about it. We must take action like the Samaritan did! The difference between pity and compassion is that compassion does something about it, pity just feels sorry.

We must demonstrate our faith by our works, and love can seldom be proved without tangible manifestation in action. To say you love someone, and yet not try to help them physically in whatever way they may need, this is not love! This is why God created man to begin with...to learn to love! To love and enjoy Him, and to help others do the same. It was God who created love, and gave man the need to love and be loved, and it is He alone who can satisfy the deepest yearning of every human soul.

So, although the temporal things of this earth can satisfy the body, only God and His eternal Love can ever fill that spiritual void of every man's heart which He created for Himself alone! He is the very Spirit of love itself, true love, everlasting love that never ends from a lover who never leaves, the Lover of all lovers, God Himself ! He is pictured in His Son Christ Jesus, who came for love, lived in love and died for love, that we might live and love forever !

Love wasn't put in your heart to stay,

Love isn't Love 'till you give it away!

Receive God's Love in Jesus today

He's the only truth, the only peace, and the only way ! Love never fails, for God is Love !


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