Be so Happy

We all need a good sense of humour ! God created us with a sense of humour and the ability to laugh at things that are funny. So, I'm sure He Himself has a sense of humour, especially when I look at some of the things and people He has created and the funny situations they get into. A sense of humour is the ability to see the funny side of a serious situation and to laugh at things when they're not the way they ought to be.

Take the very formal Preacher who always wore a formal frock coat, like a tuxedo, in the pulpit. He was so particular about the crease in the trousers that while waiting for his part of the sermon to begin, he would take them off and hang them up rather than to sit down in them ! Then, one Sunday morning, as they dismissed Sunday School, he suddenly remembered he forgot to make an important announcement, so he jumped up, dashed out of the office shouting," Children ! Just a moment ! I have something very important to show you !" For a moment there was a stunned silence, followed by a thundering laughter as they looked at the Preacher standing there with the announcement held high in his hand, and his boxer shorts clearly visible above the altar rail ! They obviously had a good sense of humour. The Preacher however, did not, for when he looked down to see what everyone was laughing at, he almost fainted and barely made it back to the office where he colapsed, instead of being able to laugh at himself and his failure to remember to put his pants back on before going out on the platform.

The ability to laugh at yourself and your own silly mistakes is a great asset and helps keep you humble. He who can't laugh at his own mistakes or take the mistakes of others with a sense of humour either has too much pride or too severe a sense of life. God intended for us to enjoy living and He has given us the ability, the senses and the environment to enjoy it. The martyrs even died singing and praising God ! If there's anything we, as Christians, are supposed to be, it's happy people, because we've got more to be happy about...we have the happy love of Jesus !

The world knows enough Hell, let's show them a little more Heaven ! Love and laughter and peace ever after. Don't be stubborn and contrary like old Jenny the mule; after a Sunday of "do's" and "don'ts" at his long-faced, overly-strict and religious grandfather's where he wasn't allowed to play on Sunday, poor little Johnny wandered out to the barnyard and stroked Jenny's long nose and said," Jenny, you must be very religious, you have such a long face, just like grandfather's!" That's some people's idea of religion, let's not let it be ours!


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